写真の応募 / Submit Photos


私達の使命  Mission Statement



Story My Wedding では、主に「リアルウェディングストーリー」と「ウェディングアイデア」の2つを主な軸としています。



Thank you so much for your interest in Story My Wedding. Our mission is simple – we hope to inform and inspire Japanese Brides-to-be about how to make their weddings and preweddings ( destination weddings and weddings in Japan) wonderful, beautiful and personal so as to create their own wedding stories.  We hope to empower brides with CHOICE to make their wedding truly theirs. We do this by featuring in photoblog style ‘Real Wedding Stories’ from other couples, and showing the latest trends in Wedding Ideas. In our photo-editorials we give credit and links to all the photographers, venues, florists, cake decorators, planners, hair-makeup stylists, wedding dress stores, and other wedding professional vendors to promote them locally and internationally and provide a resource for couples seeking their services.  


よくあるご質問  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.どんな種類の写真を応募できますか? What are your submission topics?


Our main focus is to feature Real Wedding Stories and Wedding Ideas.  We accept real weddings, destination weddings (e.g Hawaii), engagement shoots, styled shoots, and  DIY projects.  While our emphasis is on Japanese weddings, we take our inspiration internationally, especially from the US where the lead editor, Koko, is based.


2.誰が写真を応募できますか? Who can submit photos?


We kindly ask that only professional photographers  or authorized vendors submit wedding photos.  We want to make sure to give proper credit where credit is due –  to the photographers for their original photos (more details on the specifications below.) If the submissions are accepted we ask for a simple proof that the wedding couple approves the use of their photos.


3.写真は何枚程応募したらいいですか? How many photos do you recommend that I submit?

海外結婚式 & 国内結婚式:45−100枚


Real Wedding : 45-100 photos

Styled Shoot/Pre-photoshooting : 35-75 photos


4.写真のサイズの大きさは?  What size should the photos be?


All images must be .jpg sized at least 1200 px wide, sRGB color space, with no watermarks. Please send only single images. We will not accept diptychs or collages. Please keep black and white photos to a minimum (some are okay, especially if artistic)


下記のフォームから写真を応募して下さい。To SUBMIT please use the submission form below.

1.お名前(必須) Your Name (required)

2.ご職業(必須) Your Role (required)
  フォトグラファー Photographersイベントプランナー Event planners他業者 Other vendors花嫁 Bridesその他 Other

3.メールアドレス(必須)Your Email (required)

4.会社名 Your Business Name

5.応募写真のタイプ Type
  結婚式 Weddingロケーションフォト Pre-weddingエンゲージメント Engagement shootインスピレーション Styled or inspiration shootその他 Other

6.写真応募の際には、ダウンロード可能なギャラリーのリンク先(ドロップボックス、グーグルフォト等)を、下記の空欄に記載して下さい。お写真は、最低 12000 pixsels 幅のjpgイメージ、ロゴマーク等が入っていないものをお願い致します。ご質問がある方や、リンク先をメールにて送信したい方は、storymywedding@gmail.com 宛にメールをお送り下さい。

To send us your photos, please send us a LINK to your downloadable gallery (e.g. Dropbox, Google Photos, Pixieset, etc). Please only include jpg image, at least 12000 pixsels wide, without watermarks. If you have any questions or rather send us the link by email, please email us at: storymywedding@gmail.com

ドロップボックス等のリンク先 Link to Dropbox or other gallery

Please tell us about submission details or stories of this wedding or event.